The "Gospel and Race" is a conversation that you can bring to your college campus or city. What happened at the University of Virginia is beautiful model for progress in the discussion of race in American evangelicalism. No longer can this be a conversation without a variety of ethnic leaders, including Asian Americans. There is an advantage for ministries and churches to partner together for a shared, one-night conversation across evangelical denominations and organizations because it demonstrates before a watching world that the gospel truly unites God's people (John 17) for the sake of spreading shalom. Bringing Drs. Bradley and Rah, together, is a wonderful opportunity to begin the practice of racial solidarity in and among Christians on your campus or in your city. An additional advantage for campus ministries is that both speakers are scholars add which adds an additional layer of credibility to draw students in a university setting. 

Best format: Approximately 50 minutes of discussion by Drs. Bradley and Rah, followed by audience Q &A.

How to bring this event to your campus or town: find ministry partners, pick a few dates, contact us.

This website also hosts resources for those seeking a forward-thinking discourse on race for Protestant evangelicalism in the 21st-century.